Achieving optimal health and a fit, aesthetic body means something different to each of us. Our personal training service in Bedfordshire is here to guide you in achieving your goals. Xander Conditioning is a company founded on the principal that your exercise, nutrition and wellness program must be individual to truly achieve the results you want.

Wixams Bootcamp

Are you worried about starting an exercise program? You’re certainly not alone!

Our Xander bootcamp is designed for beginner to intermediate exercisers who perhaps haven’t exercised in a while, aren’t too comfortable going-it-alone in a gym setting, or who really need some structure and direction to progress their fitness.

Bootcamp is a total body workout with two clear goals: to reduce body fat and to increase endurance. One of our fantastic team of personal trainers will take you through (and often join in) a new and challenging workout each time you visit. The workouts are a great shock to the system and use exercises and methods that can be tailored to your fitness level.



The subject of health and fitness can be confusing. Everyone seems to have a different opinion and the media can present different evidence on the “right or wrong way” to lose weight almost every week. With this 2-night stay at Champneys, Alex will show you how to exercise and eat for effective, sustainable fat loss results whilst addressing the myths and misinformation about how to maintain a lean, healthy body.

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BioSignature Modulation: Our 12-week Fat Loss Program

BIOSIGNATURE is a 12-week fat loss program! Along-side a weekly workout with one of our Trainers, you will meet with Alex to have your body fat tested and chat through, in detail, your nutritional habits. By making small but key improvements in your nutritional intake, each week for 12-weeks, you will achieve visibly dramatic results in fat loss. This course has helped us produce the majority of our most dramatic transformations.

NUTRITION CONSULTATION is available one-to-one or via Skype to help you improve your nutritional habits and support your exercise program. Sitting down for an hour and analysing your intake, and how it can be improved, is a great way to learn why your fat loss may have plateaued.

Food Chats are often booked to help people understand how to manage conditions affecting your overall health and wellbeing.

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online training


The Xander Conditioning personal training team are expert in both exercise and dietary program design. If you are not located close enough to use our services face-to-face, you can now benefit from our guidance and coaching online!

After detailing the goal and specifications of the program you require, you will be assigned a personal trainer from our team who will coach you through each stage of your fitness journey, all from your smart phone! Your monthly online coaching program includes:

  • A detailed four-week workout program, individually tailored to your needs;
  • A dietary program, updated each monthly, based on our assessment of your progress your your specified needs;
  • Ongoing weekly support from your personal trainer via your smart phone.

Online personal training from £20 per week.