Ask A Personal Trainer: “How does fat loss work?”



Video Summary

  • This video is not a “how to” personal training video. I do not aim to describe the best method. I aim here to simply tell you what needs to be present, in any fat loss program, to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.
  • If you learn and understand these principles, you can identify a great fat loss program a mile away.
  • Principle #1 – exercise is at least 50% of the battle. Strength training specifically.
  • Optimal training frequency is approximately 4-hours each week.
  • Principle #2 – consistent and sufficient protein intake.
  • Protein is essential in a fat loss program to ensure that it’s fat you lose and not lean muscle tissue.
  • Principle #3 – a caloric deficit is essential.
  • There are so many ways to create a deficit (both obvious and/or quite sophisticated) but the presence of a deficit is essential.


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