Ask a Personal Trainer: Sustainably Growing Stronger – Part 1


Ask a Personal Trainer: THE VIDEO



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As a personal trainer, I hear/witness many misconceptions we hold with regard to resistance training. One that is most obvious to me is the belief that hard work trumps all else. If only!

“No pain, no gain!” and limping to work after a workout are seen as the primary measures of progress. Wrong. “Progress” is the primary measure of progress.

Hard work is very important. However, hard work yields very little results when misdirected. Infact, unmitigated hard work can be detrimental!

“Periodisation” is the planning of your training and progress in the long-term. Periodisation is the essential component that many over-look, dictating how periods of intense effort and necessary recovery are indicated. “Failing to plan [does really mean] planning to fail.”

The recipe of consistent progress is similar to a great cake recipe. Like any great cake recipe, the improper balance of ingredients create poor results.

We must balance and “undulate” through various intensities, volumes, frequencies and ensure recovery to guarentee that the progress train keeps moving forwards. We can’t work harder and lift more indefinitely.



Exercising to grow stronger, fitter and improve your general physicality is a balancing act. There are many factors at play and many plates to keep spinning. It’s my job to plan periods of “de-loading” just as it’s my job to push you through periods of greater volume or intensity. The key is always to train smarter, not simply harder.


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