My team and I operate on the principle that fat loss is a process as individual as you are, not a commonly assumed case of reversing gluttony; “moving more and eating less”. If only it were that simple! There are far better methods of achieving a lean and healthy body than that to which most people subscribe and place tremendous hope.

Before your first session with one of our expert personal trainers, we will meet for an informal chat to discuss your exercise history, diet plans that you may have tried in the past; find out what worked for you and what didn’t and what your new aspirations are. We want to know; how do you perceive your ideal body type and fitness level? We design your experience around your needs.

Our second priority is to fiercely and passionately help you chase your health and fitness goals! Our first priority is to keep you safe whilst you exercise and injury free. Your initial workout will involve what we call a ‘movement screen’. We will guide you through a short series of movement-based assessments to help us confirm that which we need to know to orientate your workout program; where are your tight muscles? Do you have weaknesses in joints? We need to identify any discrepancy between your right and left side etc. Our custom movement screen will tell us everything we need.

The ethos at Xander Conditioning is an entirely result focused training and nutrition program, designed around your needs in a truly bespoke way. Our holistic approach allows us to simply and methodically orientate your program to produce the fastest possible results.

xander ethos