Glute Bridges – Increasing Your Results




Why perform glue bridges?


We don’t work with too many athletes, although have been lucky enough to coach several. Most of our trainees that we coach one-to-one have various factors to consider when designing their workout program (lower-back pain, for example). Glute bridges are a safe and very efficient tool to recruit the gluteals to produce a visible change in the shape. Glute bridges avoid undue stress on the lower-back and allow tension to be held right at the end-range of your hips. This range isn’t trained fully with deadlifts and squats along. Glute bridges can be a secret weapon in your lower body development… if performed well.

When it comes to changing shape, we believe that the best possible results are found only through individually tailoring your exercise program. What works well for me, probably won’t work quite as well for you. At Xander Conditioning, every program that we design is to maximise effectiveness.


Every new trainee that we coach one-to-one starts by going through our custom designed ‘movement screen’. My fantastic team of coaches and I want to learn (not guess) how to orientate your workout program. We do so by establishing tight areas, weak muscle groups, your active range of motion around joints and establish whether there is a strength discrepancy between the right and left side of your body. With all this information, we have a clear orientation for even your very  first workout.


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