Menu Guide: Wagamama


We work primarily with ‘regular people’ all typically with families, time commitments and need their progress to be consistent and sustainable. I have never believed in “diets” that are followed only for set time periods but are less than realistic in the long term.


Wagamama, at Riverside North, boasts a menu filled with healthy options that allow you to eat tasty, fresh food that will support your fitness program. I visited recently and loved it! A cool setting and really tasty food. Talking with one of the managers (Beth) I learned that all food is made freshly at 7am each morning, with no freezing.


More so than any other fast food-style restaurant, Wagamama allows you to switch-out foods that you may be sensitive too and replace with a non-anallergenic alternative. The menu is extensive and navigation can require some guidance when seeking-out the healthier options. Of course, there are plenty of calorically dense, indulgent options also but, for those “staying the path” when eating out, my recommendations are listed below.


Bedford’s Head Chef, Casper

Main Courses

If eating high-protein, low-carb;

Sirloin and Shitake Salad, £11.50

The steak salad is my personal favourite if eating an evening meal. The salad is one of the lightest main meal options and is far more exciting than your typical; iceberg lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

Per Portion;

Kcals: 440

Protein: 53g

Carbs: 10g

Fat: 19g



If you require gluten-free;

Chicken Ramen, £9.95

The ramen dishes are lighter and of course higher in carbohydrates. You are able to select noodles that avoid allergens as required. Probably my favourite dish to order post-workout, when I typically hunt for carbs.

Per Portion;

Kcals: 520

Protein: 41g

Carbs: 62g

Fat: 11g



If you have eaten light all day;

Steak Bulgogi, £14.25

The greatest asset of this dish its its variety. Eating different foods means the nutrients we take from them are more valuable. The Steak Bulgogi contains aubergine, kimchee and soba noodles and the smart-fat profile is great. However, be aware that this dish is one of the more calorically dense. Maybe skip desert?

Per Portion;

Kcals: 703

Protein: 64g

Carbs: 67g

Fats: 18g

Chicken Ramen

Extras That Give You A Boost

We all know how important probiotics are. Kimchee may look (and smell) a little unusual if you haven’t tried it before but tastes great and for £1 adds a little “gut boost” to your main meal.

If you require a gut boost;

Kimchee, £1.00

Per Portion;

Kcals: 18

Protein: 2g

Carbs: 3g

Fat: 0g



If you require an extra protein hit;

Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki, £6.50

I am a huge fan of prawn lollipops! Super-lean and they taste great with only a little seasoning. This starter (or side dish) can be a great addition for those who don’t eat meat or prefer a lighter option to begin your meal.

Per Portion;

Kcals: 142

Protein: 16g

Carbs: 14g

Fats: 2g



If you require a fibre boost;

Raw Salad, £3.75

Ok, so salad is not typically the most exciting side dish on the menu. “Rabbit food” it may be, but the varied ingredients and dressing make for a tasty, light salad and a huge fibre boost.

Per Portion;

Kcals: 221

Protein: 2g

Carbs: 5g

Fat: 22g




I have highlighted the juice option below as the option with the least amount of sugar. If you follow my posts regularly, you will know that I am against drinking sugar, no matter the source. However, if you fancy a juice then this is the option I would go for!

The lowest sugar option;

Carrot with a dash of ginger, £4.50

Per Portion;

Kcals: 300

Protein: 1g

Sugar: 10g

Fat: 0g


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Thanks for reading.