“I’ve A Gut Feeling…”

by Jen Johnson

by personal trainer Jen Johnson

Before we get started on the “how to fix it” section, did you know that…
  • 70% of our immune system is found in the gut?
  • There are 100 times more DNA in our gut than in the cells of the body and that they communicate with one another?
  • 90% of the fibers in the Vagus Nerve (the primary connection between your brain and digestive system) carry signals to the brain from the gut (not the other way round)?
What’s going on in your stomach right at this moment has an impact across your whole body, affecting everything from brain function, emotional state, the progression of illnesses, skin problem and often an inability to lose fat. It’s worth paying some serious consideration to your gut.
The great news is that the health of your gut can be dramatically improved with just a few simple lifestyle/dietary choices!
1. Eat organic foods wherever you can. Pesticides, hormones and antibiotics can play havoc with your gut flora.
2. Avoid sweeteners. They aren’t recognised as food by our body and so have been linked to damage of the intestinal wall.
3. Add digestive enzymes to your supplementation program. Optimal digestive power will allow your body to break food down and then absorb the good stuff! Poor digestion is the cause of many issues and ailments we now suffer.
Just a few changes can make a real difference to your intestinal health and the potential benefits of a well-functioning gut can be truly life-changing!
Thanks for reading.

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