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Alex Chaple Profile


Alex is the founder of personal training company Xander Conditioning and a proven fat loss expert! Alex has won the Men’s Health magazine’s Personal Trainer of the Year Award for demonstrating fast, transformative results in fat loss. His exercise and dietary advice has been published in a range of media, from The Telegraph to Women’s Fitness Magazine. He has been an advisor and ambassador to companies such as Fitness First and Champneys Health Spa.

Since starting his career in 2008 Alex has worked with a number of high performance athletes in swimming, cycling, rowing and Tae Kwondo. Alex now provides educational seminars to teams of personal trainers and delivers fat loss and dietary retreats to guests at Champneys Health Spa.

Alex oversees all of the exercise and nutritional programs put in place by the Xander Conditioning personal training team.


Ben is our resident friendly giant! His passion is strength training and fast-paced sports whilst his focus with clients is teaching the value and traditional methods of strength training for fat loss and general health.

When training with Ben you will work hard and fiercely chase targets with his methodical approach to writing exercise programs. He will ensure that you improve your physical performance in the gym as you lose body fat and is a fantastic motivator for those who struggle to stay on task when life gets busy or stressful. Ben has a wonderful way of making the complexity of diet and exercise simple and each session will be a welcome challenge.

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Jennifer Profile


Jen is a personable and passionate member of our personal training team! She is a veracious learner and became a trainer through a search of truth and fact in her own health and fitness journey.

Jen will make you feel immediately at ease and has produced a long list of fantastic results in fat loss with her focus on balanced nutrition. She is a proven asset! I would recommend Jen to those starting on their journey towards health and fitness. Jen will provide an exercise and nutrition program that fits in to your busy life and has a wonderful way of helping you easily understand the reasons behind each step of your journey.


Dominic is a technician when it comes to exercise program design! You can always tell when someone in the gym trains under Dominic’s watchful eye as their technique is perfect, down to the last detail. He is an intelligent trainer who will help you work on imbalances, weaknesses and postural issues whilst also losing body fat and moving rapidly towards your weight loss target.

Dominic is passionate in the extreme about exercise and pushing you towards your goals, whether your goal is a weight on the scale or a level of fitness in the gym. I would recommend Dominic whether you are a beginner or have years of exercise under your belt.

Dominic Chaple Profile