BIOSIGNATURE MODULATION: Our 12-week Fat Loss Program

If losing body fat and looking your absolute best is your primary goal then this is where we suggest you start! Our 12-week BioSignature program approaches your fat loss journey holistically. We consider and address not only your exercise program, your nutrition, supplementation, sleep and lifestyle habits to develop a truly bespoke approach to your health and fat loss.

Each week, along side your personal training sessions, you will meet with Alex to take body composition measurements and discuss exactly what can be done to improve your progress and guarantee success. This is our premier service and one we strongly recommend if looking and feeling better is your reason for getting in touch.



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Nutrition Consultation is available one-to-one or via Skype to help you improve your nutritional habits and support your exercise program. Sitting down for an hour and analysing your intake, and how it can be improved, is a great way to learn why your fat loss may have plateaued.

Food Chats are often booked to help people understand how to manage conditions affecting your overall health and wellbeing.

There are few personal trainers that go the extra mile to learn therapy based techniques to offer their clients. Xander Conditioning travel the world to learn the gold standard of training and therapy, giving you a winning combination. I regularly refer clients to the Xander Conditioning team because of their extensive knowledge on how to give each client a personal programme based on their bodies needs

Dr. Mark Warren
ART Europe Instructor