Your Online Coach

Should you hire an Online Coach?

We are proud of our online coaching programme. We’ve designed and built a bespoke service, giving you the best guidance and resources to help you take control of your fitness and change shape. Just take a look at our results!

We believe that no one should join or enter a gym without knowing exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it and what the results will be. Our online coaching service gives you everything you need.

Online coaching is for you if…

  • You’re disappointed with your current progress.
  • You’re working hard, trying what you believe should work but aren’t seeing results.
  • You want the guidance and expertise of a personal trainer but perhaps not the price of having one by your side at every workout.

It is worth being aware that if you haven’t used a gym before or are not comfortable with basic exercise technique, we always first suggest hiring a personal trainer to show you the ropes.

What is involved, working with Alex online?

Online Coach.

Initial Assessment

  • We want to know your targets and potential barriers to progress.
  • We want to hear about your health, exercise and dietary history. What has or hasn’t worked for you in the past?

Exercise Programs

  • We design each program and nutrition plan for you. They are easy to understand and they work because they are updated regularly.
  • We work with you to make things simple. Life is complicated enough.

Constant Coaching and Feedback

  • We are always contactable via email.
  • We recommend monthly Skype chats as challenges come up and regular video feed is sent straight to your inbox.


“Lean & Strong”

12-week Fat Loss Program.


  • x2 6week fat loss workout programs.
  • Individualised nutrition targets.
  • Nutrition program with menu.
  • 30min Skype call to set-up.


Monthly Coaching Service.

£110 p/m*

  • Bespoke workout program (periodised every 6weeks)
  • Bespoke nutrition program.
  • Supplementation Guide.
  • Initial 45min Skype/Phone consult.
  • Unlimited Email Communication.
  • Monthly Progress Report.
    * minimum 3 months commitment period


Monthly Coaching Service.

£275 p/m*

  • Bespoke workout program (periodised every 3/4weeks, depending)
  • Bespoke nutrition program.
  • Bespoke supplementation program.
  • Bi-monthyl 45min Skype/Phone consult.
  • Unlimited Email communication.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp communication.
  • Bi-weekly progress report & evaluation.
    * minimum 3 months commitment period