Online Coaching

Is Online Coaching for you?

I am seriously proud of our Online Coaching Program.

I have designed and built a genuinely bespoke service with the best possible resources to help you take control of your fitness, change shape and grow stronger. We believe that no one should have to set foot in a gym without knowing exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it and what the results will be. I don’t mean generally. I mean specifically.

Only coaching is for you if the following applies:

  • You are struggling to see progress.
  • You are working hard and trying what you have been told “works” but don’t have the results you deserve.
  • You’re tired of guessing.

Our Online Coaching Program is for those who want to change shape. This is my area of expertise. If you haven’t used a gym before or are not comfortable with basic exercise technique, you need to first train with one of my team one-to-one to develop basic competency.

What is involved, working with Alex online?

Initial Assessment

  • I want to know your personal targets and potential barriers to your progress.
  • I want to hear about your health, exercise and dietary history. What has or hasn’t worked for you in the past?

Exercise Programs

  • I design genuinely bespoke programs that are easy to understand and provide me with invaluable objective feedback to ensure success.
  • Everything is made as simple as possible to execute.

Meal plan and menus

  • I can send menus and nutrition plans to ensure you eat well throughout your program and maximise results.
  • Most want flexibility in their nutrition program. This is factored in to each plan from the outset.

Constant Coaching and Feedback

  • I am always contactable and respond within 24-hours.
  • Monthly Skype consults each month allow us to check-in and feedback.


“Lean & Strong”

12-week Fat Loss Program.


  • x2 6week fat loss workout programs.
  • Individualised nutrition targets.
  • Nutrition program with menu.
  • 30min Skype call to set-up.


Monthly Coaching Service.

£110 p/m*

  • Bespoke workout program (periodised every 6weeks)
  • Bespoke nutrition program.
  • Supplementation Guide.
  • Initial 45min Skype/Phone consult.
  • Unlimited Email Communication.
  • Monthly Progress Report.
    * minimum 3 months commitment period


Monthly Coaching Service.

£275 p/m*

  • Bespoke workout program (periodised every 3/4weeks, depending)
  • Bespoke nutrition program.
  • Bespoke supplementation program.
  • Bi-monthyl 45min Skype/Phone consult.
  • Unlimited Email communication.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp communication.
  • Bi-weekly progress report & evaluation.
    * minimum 3 months commitment period