Perfecting Your Technique – Squats


Why perfect your squats?


Squats are a phenomenal exercise for almost all fitness aspirations. We have lucky enough to work with a few athletes over the years but our day-to-day work is with people like you and me. Most have various things to consider when designing their workout program (joint pain, for example).
Squats are a safe and very effective tool to recruit most major muscle groups in the legs and gluteals to produce a visible change in the shape. Squats avoid undue stress on the lower-back and allow a tremendous amount of work to be performed in safety, if performed well of course! We regularly use squat variations with our one-to-one trainees to promote overall lower body and lower back strength. We love the adaptability of squats to almost any component of fitness as they are a key tool for both strength and endurance efforts. Not sure exactly how to improve something? Try squats 😉

When it comes to changing shape, we believe that the best possible results are found only through individually tailoring your exercise program. What works well for me, probably won’t work quite as well for you. At Xander Conditioning, every program that we design is to maximise effectiveness.


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